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Little Beetle Learners

  • perfect for potty training with the pull up and snap off design
  • all natural, made from fair trade organic velour cotton (please note, with the Red Jitterbug and Lotus Purple Learners the inner white lining is 100% organic cotton but the red or purple velour outer fabric contains 20% recycled polyester)
  • a great, trim fit with two layers of cotton in the body and three layers in the wet zone
  • designed to absorb little leaks
  • can be paired with a wool soaker short at first to manage bigger accidents
  • use as a diaper by adding a doubler and wool soaker short
  • made in India in a facility regularly inspected for its organic and fair labor practices.
This item is out of stock. Please contact us for order information.
additional product info

If anything will make you excited to start potty training it is these gorgeous training pants. The colours are lovely and they are incredibly soft. Your tot will feel so grown up wearing proper little undies. These can also be used as a diaper by adding extra absorbency and a cover, so why not get your little one used to the pants before beginning training. For manufacturer’s care instructions please visit our Diaper Advice page.


size 1 1 - 2 years, up to 24 pounds
size 2 2 - 3 years, 24 - 35+ pounds
size 3 3+ years, 33+ pounds