10 Reasons We Love Funky Fluff Diapers!

I'm not sure if as a retailer I should rave about one of my products, but I certainly want to! Funky Fluff diapers are one of my personal favourites, and here is a list of why!

1.  Fit!

With snaps at the hip to prevent excess fabric from drooping down, and two rows of snaps to allow you to adjust the fit at the waist and legs separately, Funky Fluff gives an amazing fit on all shapes of babies. My string bean daughter and tank of a son both fit beautifully in Funky Fluff.

2.  Quality

The PUL, snaps and elastic of Funky Fluff are top notch. Our diapers went through two kids, and I never once had an issue with anything.

3.  Flexibility

Being able to use these diapers as pocket diapers, all in twos or all in ones is awesome. Sometimes I didn't feel like stuffing diapers, so I would just snap the inserts in, while if I felt like stuffing diapers as an excuse to watch Netflix, I could do that as well. I often left the inserts snapped to the back snap in the wash, so I didn't have to hunt through the laundry to pair inserts with covers.

4.  Sizing

With an extra row of rise snaps compared to other one size diapers, and the ability to cross the waist snaps over to make the diaper super tiny, Funky Fluff will fit well even on smaller babies. At the same time, they are tall enough to fit up to potty training even on bigger babies.

5.  Choice of materials in the cover

I love that you can have the same features with a choice of materials. Both the Athletic Wicking Jersey and Bamboo have Funky Fluff's dreamy fit, but you can decide whether you want a natural fiber like bamboo up against baby's bum, or the stay dry feeling of the wicking jersey (AWJ).

6.  Super absorbent inserts

Funky Fluff Systems (both bamboo and AWJ) come with a set of bamboo inserts. These are wonderfully absorbent, enough even for heavy wetters. Each set comes with a large and a small insert, which can be used separately, or snapped together for extremely heavy wetters or for overnights.

7.  The prints and colours!

Funky Fluff's line up has always included a variety of bright, cheerful solids and unique prints. Plus, from Aloha to Maverick and Love Bug, the names of their prints (suggested by fans) add to their awesome. Funky Fluff's new line up of prints includes ice cream, triangles, and storm clouds, which have yet to be named.

8.  The accessories

Even though my kids are both potty trained, I still carry a bit of Funky with me. We have a double pocket wet bag with a change of clothes for each kid that rides around in the car. If anyone gets dirty or soaking wet, we have clean clothes and somewhere to put the dirty ones!

With wet bags, hanging pails and clutches available to match the prints and colours of the diapers, Funky Fluff's accessories are super useful and gorgeous.

9.  Price Point

Even with all the greatness that I have described above, Funky Fluff diapers are still amongst the most affordable on the market. At $23.95-$24.95 per diaper, adding some Funky to your life won't break the bank.

10.  The People

As a small business owner, I am very appreciative of companies that support their retailers, especially tiny ones like Bumbini. Funky Fluff was founded by two lovely women in Toronto who put their hearts and souls into creating a great diaper and a fantastic brand to go behind it. Bummis has since purchased Funky Fluff, but they have continued to support and appreciate their retailers, and above all, their customers.


The new line up of Funky Fluff is now available for preorder at Bumbini. They will be arriving here approximately mid-February and shipping out immediately after.