1. "Try Them All" Diaper Trial Kit
Bumbini Cloth Diaper Trial Kit

"Try Them All" Diaper Trial Kit

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Try all the diapers Bumbini offers
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Try all the Diapers Before You Buy!

This trial package is perfect if you are starting out, and want to try all different types of diapers before committing. You can try all of these diapers to see which ones fit those chunky thighs, that squishy belly and adorable tushie the best!

Here's how it works... Order this package for whichever size range your babe is. We will send the entire kit to you. Use it for the month (30 days from the day you receive it) and then return the kit to us. The kit has over $500 worth of items in it, so this is a great, affordable way to take it for a test drive! All of the items will be shipped to you prepped, clean and ready for baby's bum. The kits are carefully cleaned by us in between uses, and are rotated out on a regular basis, so the diapers are only used for about 6 months or less. 

The kit includes: (approximately - some items differ between kits)

  • 1 Funky Fluff diaper pail liner
  • 1 Bummis medium wetbag or Funky Fluff Dual Pocket Wetbag
  • 1 BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper
  • 1 Applecheeks Sized Pocket Diaper (with microfiber and bamboo inserts)
  • 1 AppleCheeks One Size Cover
  • 1 TotsBots Easy Fit V4 All-in-one Diaper
  • 1 Omaiki Hybrid 3.0 Diaper
  • 1 Omaiki All-in-one diaper
  • 1 Best Bottom Try it Package - One cover plus 3 inserts (1 each of Stay Dry, Bamboo and Hemp/Cotton)
  • 1 Bummis All in One Diaper
  • 1 bumGenius Freetime All in One Diaper
  • 1 Flip Try It Package (1 cover pus 3 stay-dry inserts)
  • 1 Funky Fluff LUX Bamboo  3-in-1 diaper with bamboo terry inserts
  • 1 Funky Fluff LUX Athletic Wicking Jersey 3-in-1 diaper with deLUX hemp/bamboo inserts
  • 1 Bummis Dimple Diaper (fitted)
  • 1 Omaiki O-Sleep Fitted Diaper
  • 3 Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds
  • 1 Snappi
  • 1 Bummis Simply Lite Cover
  • 1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
  • 1 Omaiki One Size Diaper Cover
  • A handy dandy list of instructions (with pictures!) for using all of these diapers and caring for them
  • A package for returning the kit to us (checklist, mailing bag, shipping label)
  • A $10 dollar gift certificate to use for future purchases

A few small print details: 

  • Non-smoking homes only, please
  • Please wash according to the instructions provided with a cloth diaper friendly detergent
  • If anything from the kit is lost or damages, we will have to charge you for the full retail price
  • Once you have received the kit, you are responsible for it until it is returned to us

Shipping and returning kits

All kits include a prepaid return shipping label. All you have to do when you are done with the kit is package the items in the included shipping bag, tape on the label and drop it off at your post office. 

**Note: Due to complications with customs/shipping, kits are available in Canada only. 

Book Early!

Our diaper trial kits are extremely popular, so there is often a 3-4 week waiting list to receive a kit. We recommend that baby is minimum 10-12 lbs at the time of rental, so we recommend booking early (e.g. when baby is in newborn diapers) to avoid disappointment. 

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