We all know (at least if you read this blog) that cloth diapers will save you money. When you are shopping for your diapers, however, it is tricky to actually figure out how much you will spend to make up your stash. Comparing prefolds to all-in-ones to pocket diapers is like comparing apples to oranges to pineapples. That's where my handy math skills come in! 

Compare the Costs

I have come up with approximate figures of how much each type of diaper we carry costs, both per diaper change and for a collection of 24 diaper changes. This doesn't include factors like bundle pricing, resale value or really anything other than the cost of purchasing the diapers. These prices are accurate as of September 2015, but they do change occasionally. 

Type of Diaper

Cost per change

Total cost for 24 changes

Prefolds (including 1 cover for each 3 prefolds)

Bummis Organic Cotton












Fitteds (including 1 cover for each 3 fitteds)

Stretch Bamboozle



Dimple Diaper



Omaiki O Sleep



Pocket Diapers (starred diapers can also be used as all-in-twos – see below)

BumGenius 4.0



Funky Fluff Bamboo LUX*



Funky Fluff Stay Dry LUX*



Omaiki Hybrid 3.0



Applecheeks (Microterry)*



Applecheeks (2 ply Bamboo)*



All-in-two (cover reused for 3 changes)

Best Bottom



Funky Fluff Bamboo LUX



Funky Fluff Stay Dry LUX



Omaiki Hybrid 3.0



Applecheeks (Microterry)



Applecheeks (2 ply Bamboo)




Tots Bots Easy-Fit



BumGenius Elemental



Omaiki AIO



Cheap Cloth Diapers vs Costly Diapers

As you can see in the chart, some styles of diapers are much more expensive than others but don't write them off completely. For example, a whole stash of fitted diapers may be costly, but having two or three for night time use is a great idea. And you can mix and match! Have prefolds for around the house, and a few all-in-ones for easy changes when you are out. It's entirely up to you! 

Cloth Diapers vs. Disposable Diapers

Another (BIG) point I would like to make with this table - even if you bought a complete collection of our most expensive option (costing approximately $910), you would still be saving about $1500 compared to disposables!!

Happy diapering, and please let me know if I have made any big math errors!