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Inserts, Liners and Doublers

 Where to begin when the distinction between inserts, liners, and doublers can be mind-boggling?! Especially if you're a new parent or just making the switch from disposable diapers to reusable cloth. Thankfully, Bumbini thought to write this down below. Have questions? Feel free to contact us.
  • Inserts Inserts
    The main absorbent portion of a diaper. Usually included with the diaper in a system but also sold separately.
  • Liners Liners
    Liners lie between baby's bum and the diaper to create a barrier. Reusable liners, usually made of fleece or disposable liners. Make poo cleanup easier and protect the diaper from creams.
  • Doublers Doublers
    Doublers aka boosters add absorbency to a diaper for heavy wetters, naps or overnights in addition to the regular inserts.