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Nellie's Oxygen Brightener (800g Pouch)
Nellie's Oxygen Brightener Pouch

Nellie's Oxygen Brightener (800g Pouch)

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Oxygen brightener to remove stains
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Brighten colours and penetrate stains with help from Nellie's Oxygen Brightener. Discover the power of oxygen, utilizing this product to strip away dirt, grit and grime. The chlorine-free formula is colour-safe, septic-safe and even environmentally-friendly (it’s biodegradable, like the rest of Nellie's products). Nellie's Oxygen Brightener boasts hypoallergenic ingredients, including: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Precarbonate, Primary Linear Alcohol Ethoxylate and Sodium Sulfate. Nellie's Oxygen Brightener is Non-toxic, phosphate free, and contains NO SLS, SLES, Gluten or GMO's. *Not for use on wool, silk or leather.

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