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Omaiki All-in-One Diaper
Omaiki All-in-One Diaper

Omaiki All-in-One Diaper

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All in one diaper from Omaiki
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Omaiki All-in-One Diaper

Omaiki diapers are made in Canada! The Omaiki All-in-One is adjustable from 8-35 lbs, and has sturdy snap closures. 

All-in-one (or AIÖ) are evolutive cloth diapers that, from a functional view, are closest to disposable paper diapers.  They are as practical and as easy to use as paper diapers and do not require any special assembly instructions.  The AIÖ is a high quality environmentally friendly diaper that will most likely appeal to today’s parents, because is very practical to use and has an extremely stylish appeal.  Today’s young families lead busy lives and they need products that are practical and effective, such as the products that Omaïki has to offer. The only adjustments made to this diaper are with the front snaps (height), which can be adjusted as the baby begins to grow.  The removable insert can be removed from the diapers of newborn babies, who do not need the additional thickness it adds to the diaper.  We suggest that for the first few weeks you begin with the mini-insert in order to provide added absorption capacity to the diaper.

 Waterproof outer shell : 100% PU laminate (polyester knit )

Interior: 100% polyester (stay-dry lining)
Absorption: 70% bamboo viscose/ 28% organic cotton / 2% polyester

Care: Rinse in cold
Wash in hot/warm with a cloth diaper safe detergent
Rinse in warm water
Hang dry or tumble dry on medium

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