Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer and Splatter Shield

In my experience, the thing that most commonly turns new parents off of cloth diapering is the thought of dealing with the poop. They have visions of poop everywhere, sloshing disgusting diapers in the toilet and basically it being a nightmare whenever baby needs to go twosie. In reality, there is no need to panic whenever baby gets their telltale red face and faraway look. 

Spray Pal Makes Poop Removal Easy!

The Spray Pal "What Do I Do With the Poop" Bundle includes both a diaper sprayer and a splatter shield. Together, these components make it super easy and mess free to get the poop out of your cloth diapers. 

The Sprayer

The Spray Pal diaper sprayer is exactly what its name implies - it is a high-pressure sprayer that hooks to your toilet, allowing you to hose down those poopy diapers directly into the toilet. It is an attractive stainless steel colour, so fits nicely into your bathroom decor. It comes with a hanger to hold the sprayer when not in use. One of my favourite features of this sprayer is the shut off valve. There is a small on/off valve at the bottom of the hose that prevents your curious toddlers from holding water fights in your bathroom!

The diaper sprayer is incredibly easy to install and doesn't involve any plumbing knowledge or special tools. It screws onto the supply tubing of your toilet and doesn't involve any permanent modifications. The only requirement is that your supply tubing is the flexible kind, which most bathrooms have. 

The Splatter Shield

This is where the genius comes in. A diaper sprayer on its own will do the job of cleaning the poop off of diapers, but unless you are super accurate with your spraying, can result in a bit of a mess in your bathroom. The Splatter Shield, a very descriptive term, prevents any splatter from reaching your walls or floors and directs it down into the toilet where it belongs. It also holds the diaper, so you don't have to hang onto a poopy diaper while spraying it. 

The Splatter Shield is a flexible, plastic shield with a clip on it. You simply clip the diaper in, snap the shield closed, and spray away. Once the poop is gone, you can use the shield to squeeze excess water out of the diaper. Just unsnap the snaps on the front of the shield, fold it flat and squeeze the water out. Then you can drop the diaper into the diaper pail without touching it - squeeze the clip to let the diaper go. And you're done!

Cleaning and Storing the Splatter Shield

There are plenty of ways to store and clean your shield between uses. Giving the shield a quick rinse with the sprayer after each use is usually sufficient to get rid of any of the splatters on the shield (splatter that it kept off your walls!), and you can give it a spritz with whatever bathroom cleaner you use if you'd like. 

The Spray Pal Splatter Shield fits in most medium-sized wetbags, so you can hang it up in the bathroom ready to go for next time. The shield is taller than most wetbags, which is actually good because it allows air circulation so the shield and bag can dry. 

Tips to Using the Splatter Shield and Sprayer

I learned a few things from using the Spray Pal Bundle, and will pass my wisdom on to you: 

  • Keep the shield below the rim of the toilet when you are spraying. Otherwise, you might accidentally shoot water out of the toilet
  • If you hold the shield by the clip, make sure you are holding it in a way that won't release the diaper. I squeezed the clip in the wrong spot a couple times and dropped the diaper in the toilet.
  • Take a look at your diaper before to determine which direction to clip it into the shield. If you have a pocket diaper, you don't want to spray poop into the pocket!
SprayPal has an awesome YouTube channel that has lots of how to videos to make Spray Pal use even easier!