Top 3 Reasons Parents Give Up on Cloth Diapering and How to Prevent Them!

Not surprisingly, the main reasons why some parents decide to give up on cloth diapering and switch to disposables are very similar to the reasons some don't start in the first place; leaks, hatred of laundry and stinky diapers. These problems are easily preventable though, and even if they do crop up, a quick chat with your friendly neighbourhood diaper retailer can help you solve them!

1. Leaks!

Contrary to popular belief, leaks are not a constant part of cloth diapering. Sometimes there is some adjustment when the baby reaches different developmental stages (e.g. peeing more, sleeping longer stretches etc.) and as their shape changes as they grow. In the vast majority of cases, a small tweak can fix those leak problems very quickly. For example, solving those leak issues may be as simple as adjusting the fit slightly.

I wrote a blog article about the main ways to troubleshoot leaks which you can read HERE, or give me a shout and we will walk through the steps together.

2. Stinky Diapers

This is another issue that comes up frequently after a few months of cloth diapering. Suddenly, diapers are coming out of the wash not smelling clean, or in the worst case, the baby gets rashes from diapers not getting completely clean. Sometimes smells start to creep in after a few months because of residues building up, or because baby’s pee is becoming more concentrated.

This is one problem where prevention is the best route. Setting yourself up with a good wash routine that works with the type of diapers you have and your washer type right off the bat will prevent smell issues. As well, diapers made with natural fibers (e.g. hemp, bamboo, or cotton) are less likely to hold smells than microfiber, so you may want to take this into consideration when choosing your diapers.

I always recommend giving your diapers a sniff when taking them out of the wash every time. They should smell clean, and not unpleasant in any way. If your nose is not happy with what it senses, it is much easier to figure out what is going on in the early stages before you have a big stinky problem on your hands.

Solving smell issues can be as easy as increasing the amount of detergent you are using, choosing a different wash cycle, or switching detergents. This blog post has some ideas for solving smell issues, and again, a quick email to me can help you figure this out long before you are ready to give up!

3. Feeling Overwhelmed by Laundry

Laundry can pile up (literally) in any household, no matter how many kids. When you already have stacks of laundry, it can seem overwhelming to think of throwing cloth diapers into the mix as well.

I'm not the expert on being a domestic goddess (believe me, I'm no Martha Stewart) so I won't try to give you advice on how to organize your laundry routine, but I do have a couple of cloth diaper specific tips that might help you out.

Firstly, the number of diapers you buy impacts the frequency of washing, and how easy it is. Having a larger stash of diapers allows you to go longer between washes. For example, if you only have 12 diapers, you will be washing daily. I like doing laundry, and even I hate the thought of this. If you have 24, you can easily go 2, possibly 3 days between washes. I don't recommend going any longer than this because going more than 3 days between washing can lead to some other problems (stinky problems).

The style of diaper you choose matters as well. For example, an all in one diaper results in more laundry, since the entire diaper needs to be washed each time. The cover of an all in two can be reused between washes, making for a smaller pile of laundry to be washed.

Here are a couple of tips to reduce the stress of worrying about running out of nappies if you forget to wash diapers:

- Put a reminder diaper in the drawer

Whichever way you organize your diaper drawer, put a specific diaper a few away from the end of your diaper stash. For example, I had an orange diaper near the bottom of our drawer. When I put the orange diaper on my kids, it was like a flag reminding me that I needed to do laundry.

- Stash a couple emergency diapers

Having a couple back up diapers put away can ease your mind, because if you don't get laundry done before you run out. They don't have to be your favorites, but just something you can put on baby's bum just in case.

- If you are having problems, contact me!

You may notice that a lot of my suggestions involve getting in touch with me. That's because that is what sets small stores like Bumbini apart from big box stores. I'm more than happy to support you through your cloth diapering journey! If you are having a problem, I will do my best to help you fix is so you can love your cloth diapers again!